Prayer for the World – by Helen Gordon
Thank you, Lord, for giving us the changes in the seasons that allow us to see the glory of your creation.  Thank you for giving us life and the freedoms that we have to be the people we want to be.

We pray today for the families of those killed in Houston while attending a concert.  We pray for the leaders of the world as they discuss climate change and its effects on our world.  We pray for our current leaders and our new leaders to come, and we ask for guidance in their decisions and their beliefs to try to represent us and protect us all. We pray for those still fighting sicknesses, the pandemic, and bloodshed over their varying beliefs and differences.

We ask you, Lord, to please be with our young adults and children today as they navigate their way in a world of indifference and hatred.  Please help us as your people learn how to comfort them and guide them without judging them. At the same time, please guide us as adults who need comfort and care as well in this ever-changing world. Please help us with your grace to understand that these changes affect us all but that we are still your people and need your loving care.

In Jesus’ name.  Amen.

Next Steps…

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